For those who travel light,
And those who think underwear is outerwear,
For those who wish not to be disturbed,
And those who really want a hurricane to hit their world.
For those who believe in no-sleep and long-showers,
For the free-thinkers, the weary, the wide-eyed, and fairies,
For those who look like they came out of the book,
And those who travel with a pocketful of lust for the world.
For morning sunshine, for midnight walks,
and intense gazes across bars.
For hot meals, cold drinks, and punching espresso shots.
For Slip-talks, choking from laughter,
and feeling that nowhere else in the world exists,
just, for a little while.
Whoever you are,
or Whoever you need to be.
Welcome to
Glad you found us.

Gemmayze WEATHER